Our first model. Only one copy "exists" in a corporeal manner.

Further experimentation with FFmpeg and the creation of some visual monstrosities. Visual cortex stimulated / confused? Check!

Timothy Lee Russell | 3/30/2018 11:30:20 AM

Further tests of FFmpeg and time, experiment 1

As we begin to develop a better knowledge of the usage of FFmpeg, our attempts can become slightly more ambitious. The following was shot against the surface of a tablet which gave the scene a variegated glow.

The bust is a tiny miniature, the first piece that we modeled. It's not good but it was very satisfying to create something from nothing that had a character to it, even if bringing out that character required different lighting scenarios for emphasis.

As with all stop motion, it is recommended that you leave at least one thumb shot which breaks the illusion, for meta!

Stop action with legos

We also stitched a quick stop motion test with some legos. Until we have control over the techniques we are going to use, we are using hastily thrown together "scrap" photos and footage. There is no need to spend too much time on the actual photography until we have a reliable production pipeline that we can use to achieve the end result that we are aiming for.

What is the end result that we are aiming for?

This method of stitching together photos is going to used to replace green screen areas with cyclical animations as illustrated below.

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