Making everything will take forever. We better get started.

We've determined that the first step in creating A Company that Makes Everything™ is to start by making something. To make anything, we need to break down the problem of how to create that thing using Decomposition. When we complete building a thing, we move onto the next item. This is known as Iteration. If we repeat this in perpetuity, as we approach infinity we will have nearly fulfilled our mission statement, which is built into the very fabric of the company.

Closeup of a shallow end-scrap piece from the Sound Confuser line of diffusers.


CC BY 3.0 US

We believe attribution is key. We want to honor the amazing work of others.

Many of the images on this site contain prior art, in the form of designs released under different licenses. We've built attribution into the system to make sure we give credit where credit is due. Follow the image caption to learn more and if we forgot someone or if we are handling prior art incorrectly, please let us know and we'll fix it!

We love prototyping. But prototyping is an expensive stage of any endeavor.

Prototyping is the art of creating a primitive form that gives us an idea of what a final product might look like, how it will function but most importantly, it will validate one of our design decisions while simultaneously showing us six ways we went wrong.

There is nothing more humbling than taking your idea through this process of evaluation. Many of your ideas will flounder like fish out of water. Sometimes the idea is not that good. Sometimes it is a failure in the execution. Sometimes it will wither on the vine for no reason at all. Just know that creating something great will always involve sweeping up the broken pieces of the last idea that didn't work out. If you can set aside your ego as we've chosen to do, making mistakes becomes one of the most rewarding and informative parts of the process.

Nuts and bolts rendered using the aptly named OpenSCAD library Nuts and Bolts.


Nuts and Bolts OpenSCAD library